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Results from using two methods for training Stable Diffusion

The results from using DreamStudio and Textual Inversion to train Stable Diffusion to produce better pictures of my Moluccan cockatoo.

A brief comparison of AI Art Generators

Below are the AI art generators that I’ve tried. I tried the same prompt on all of these, with default settings. Where I was forced to choose, I chose photographic/realistic preset. The prompt I used: Beautiful Fairy Princess In The Style Of Lady Clementina Hawarden, Hyperdetailed

Indigo aura portraits – AI generated

I had my aura read last week, and was inspired to try to visualize it with artificial intelligence using NightCafe. I was told that my aura was purple and indigo, which coincidentally was also the color of my friend's... no wonder we get along so well! I put a bit of...

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