This surreal AI-generated video is one of my first attempts at using the animation extension within Stable Diffusion. I created it on my new computer that I’m using exclusively to run SD models and generate AI surrealism.

The prompt aimed to visualize my dreamlike idle fantasies through motifs like splash art, a cockatoo bird and intricate details. Surreal rainbow cockatoos and parrots blend into the paint and appear and slowly disappear in and out of colorful paint strokes in this surreal video.

Watching the strange yet somehow familiar scenes unfold, I’m reminded of how machine learning enables new forms of visual storytelling that tap into the “dream-logic” of our unconscious minds. Stable Diffusion has learned to mimic and bring this dream-logic to visual life, transporting us to an unfamiliar yet familiar place where imagination and algorithm have fused.

I experimented with this AI-generated surrealism to try and express the dreamlike, reverie state that occupies idle fantasies. The strange visions challenge our assumptions in a fruitful way, loosening habitual patterns of thought and hinting at spiritual depths beyond mechanical machine intelligence.

Like all great art, they offer us a new point of view on reality, blurring lines between fact and fiction in ways that expand our thinking and touch our soul. If we approach these visions with open curiosity rather than closed certainty, they may spark inner transformation and reveal new frontiers of inspiration within ourselves.

Now that I have the right setup and tools, I plan to push further into the realms of AI surrealism, exploring how machine learning can help express the ineffable and shape-shift the intangible concepts in my mind into strange yet sublime visual forms. The journey continues…

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